Audio Production

Let us assist you in creating your lyrical masterpiece!

Welcome to the Honest Illusions(Hi) audio productions studios, where Passion and creativity is fused with talent to unify vocal, lyrical composition(s) with professional audio recording capability and technology. Our convenient locations and readily available engineers will put your company/business on a fast track to getting the recognition it deserves, and with our radio ad production options, you will extend your reach to your target audience. Music and sound play a big role in any production; so its for that reason we treat it with top priority. High quality audio come standard regardless of what you choose.

Norre Stephenson – Live Studio Performance

Music has never looked so! At “Studio B” we provide a variety of options to accompany your production. We are now able to multi-cam record your music recording session. Now your fans can see you at work and truly follow your next big move.

Ask our customer care representative how we can package a marketing strategy around your vision. It is your dream and our responsibility to make sure it manifest to its true potential.

Music Production

Albums, Mixtapes, Demos Mixes, Jingles etc.

Whether you join our Rags2Riches team or want to become the next  independent super star, we can help you make your dreams come through. Let us do the heavy lifting by giving you access to some of the best music producers world wide.


Cover Art, Social Media, Promotional Content etc.

Ask how we can design a marketing strategy around your next album or single. Our professional marketing experts  will tether the perfect campaign to ensure your fans see you in the best light at all times.

Voice Overs

Radio Ads, Television Ads, Documentaries etc.

Ask how we can add that touch of professionalism to your next project. Hand pick professional voice over talents to ensure a quality production throughout.

Are you a recording artist looking for that competitive edge? Ask how we can work with you to produce genuine works of art with everyone song in your mixtape or album. We have recording studios around the world making it convenient for you regardless of your geographical restraints. Our staff of professional engineers and producers will ensure that you will always get top production money can buy.

Cost Estimator

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